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Spot Radio 1566 : Weetabix, girl's big day (2013)
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Weetabix, girl's big day

Agency: Bartle Bogle Hegarty; writers: Chris Clarke, Matt Moreland; agency producer: Sam Brock; facilities house: Jungle; sound engineer: Toby Griffin

Mum: That?s a large bowl of Weetabix. Big day today?

Daughter: Yes, Mum. First, I?ll empty my wardrobe on the floor and dress from head to toe in pink. Pink socks, pink wig, pink shoes. Next, I?m going to make a tiara out of pasta and cookies? and I?ll crumble up the bits of cookies and stick them on, to make the diamonds for it. Then I?ll pick all the flowers in the garden and make some perfume. So, I?m going to make the perfume like this. First, I?m going to get a sieve, two bowls from the kitchen and then I?ll go and pick all the flowers and mash all the herbs and mints and stuff up, stir it round with my spoon and then that will be it.

Mum: Lovely.

Daughter: Next, I?ll make a tea party in the bottom of the garden? and I?ll invite my best friend, Savannah, and another friend, a lollipop.

VO: Packed with slow-release energy to keep you going. Weetabix. Fuel for big days

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Durée30.0 s.
  • Voix Femme
  • Voix Enfant

  • Spot ajouté le 26.01.13, Dernière mise-à-jour le 28.01.13