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Spot Radio 1571 : PG Tips, Marmalade Horse Fish (2013)
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PG Tips, Marmalade Horse Fish

Agency: Mother; writer: Mother; agency producer: Mother; facilities house: Factory; sound engineer: Tom Joyce

All of the dialogue up until Monkey?s entrance has a dreamlike quality to it. SFX: Purring animal. Perhaps a soft growl. Otherworldly.

Al: [emotional] I?m sorry, Marmalade Horse Fish. We have to part ways.

MHF: [Weird purring, soft growls]

Al: Don?t cry, Marmalade Horse Fish. It?s not you, it?s me. I?m waking up.

I have to go back to real life.

MHF: [Weird purring]

Al: Of course I won?t forget you.

MHF: [Purr]

Al: This? It?s a refreshing cup of

PG Tips to wake me up gently on a fair morn. To ease me out of sleep and into the day.

MHF: [Purr]

Al: Bye [sips tea].

SFX: Harp ? emerging from dream.

Monkey: [chipper] Morning, Al.

Al: He?s some guy, Monkey.

Monkey: What?s that?

Al: Marmalade Horse Fish. Top bloke.

Monkey: [weirdo] Ooookay.

Endline: Rise and shine with a wakey uppy cuppa of PG Tips.

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Durée30.0 s.
  • Voix Homme

  • Spot ajouté le 26.01.13, Dernière mise-à-jour le 28.01.13