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Spot Radio 1572 : Women's Aid, a call to stop (2013)
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Women's Aid, a call to stop

Agency: Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO; writers: Steve Jones, Martin Loraine; agency producers: Rebecca Scharf, Claire Toms; facilities house: 750mph; sound engineer: Ben Gulvin

Sounds in this commercial are loud but muffled and indistinct, as if heard through a wall. The overall impression is chaotic disorder and destruction.

FVO: Women?s Aid want the public to help stop domestic violence by calling the police if they hear it.

We want people to get used to the idea that making a call stops the sounds of domestic abuse.

The following sounds are typical. This, for example, is a woman being punched in the face:

SFX: Muffled argument and something crashing to the floor.

FVO: This is a woman?s fingers being trapped in a door.

SFX: Muffled slamming door and shout of pain.

FVO: This is a woman?s jaw being broken.

SFX: Muffled scuffle and woman?s scream.

SFX: Man shouting angrily as a woman cries.

FVO over SFX: The sounds are distressing ? we?d understand if you never want to hear them again. In fact, we?d welcome it. To stop the sounds, call 0800 58 77 33 2. Until someone calls, the sounds will continue.

FVO: This is a woman being pushed down stairs.

SFX: Muffled banging and screaming.

SFX fade.

FVO: To stop the sounds, call 0800 58 77 33 2. Just as in real life, making a call can make it stop. Womensaid.org.uk.

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Durée70.0 s.
  • Voix Femme
  • Bruitages

  • Spot ajouté le 26.01.13, Dernière mise-à-jour le 28.01.13